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"Testimonials From Clients"


"My reiki session with Kristin was profound! She was able to tap into blocked energy within my body and literally pull it out! The surge of energy and feeling of well being afterward cannot be explained, only experienced! I highly recommend Kristin for energy healing & release!"


"Kristin is a truly gifted healer! Her energy is strong and I felt connected, despite the distance over an online platform. Following the session, I felt rejuvenated, cleansed, and balanced. In the days following, I felt a tremendous shift in multiple areas of my life. I am forever grateful that our paths continue to cross and I can't wait for another session!"


"Kristin is a natural-born healer. The way she moves energy is unlike anything I have experienced. It was a powerful session that left me feeling calm and relaxed. During my job interview later that day, I was shocked to find that my heart did not start racing, as it always does, and I did not experience any nervousness."



"With this being my first reiki experience, I couldn't have asked for a more comfortable, relaxed, and insightful session. Kristin is quite knowledgeable, intuitive, and so GIFTED. My session with Kristin helped my body and mind release tensions and shift to being more balanced. I highly recommend Kristin, and will definitely be coming back as soon as I feel called for it again!"


"Kristin's tarot card reading was SPOT ON for what was going on in my life at the time! She described how I was feeling exactly and gave me great action items on how to move forward in order to bring in more of what I want in life! She has a gift and I highly recommend getting a reading with her!"



"Everything Kristin said during our tarot session resonated so deeply, it even brought me to tears at one point. She was able to give me a perspective on my life and an outside clarity that was really needed. On top of her intuitive gifts, Kristin is a warm and positive person. Love her, and love her work!"

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