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Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist,

& Intuitive Guide

  • Acupressure therapy with the use of essential oils to stimulate wellbe...

    1 hr
    85 US dollars
  • Experience the gentle healing and restorative nature of Reiki.

    1 hr 30 min
    105 US dollars
  • Experience the gentle healing and restorative nature of Reiki.

    1 hr
    75 US dollars
  • A reiki session with the intuitive use of crystals.

    1 hr
    100 US dollars
  • Available Online
    Experience a Reiki healing via Zoom!

    1 hr
    55 US dollars


Reiki is an ancient alternative therapy known as energy healing. (Rei) translates to "universal" and (ki) means "life force energy". During a session, we will invite universal life force energy to clear blockages and invigorate the auric field in order to promote the body's natural healing abilities. This form of therapy targets the energy system that underlies, and acts as a blueprint for, the physical body. Reiki can help with mental or emotional stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and pain management.


When I was 10 years old my mother came home with a small tattered book about near death experiences that changed my life forever. After reading that book, I was determined to learn all there was to know about the world beyond our five senses. I asked to be shown the truth behind our physical reality, why we are here, and what it all means. Quite the list of existential questions for a 10-year old, but my curiosity had been sparked and the blaze has yet to extinguish 16 years later. 

Through my exploration of the spiritual and metaphysical, I developed a deep understanding and compassion for the human condition. I realized there were patterns of thought and behavior I would repetitively engage in that caused me to suffer. I noticed I was also attracting similar situations + relationships that matched my beliefs about myself and ultimately my wounds.  I began to meditate more and unearthed a lot of the traumas, childhood wounds, and limiting beliefs that held me back from embracing my highest potential.

I felt drawn to learn the art of Reiki energy healing and, through this practice, learned to quiet the chatter in my mind in order to restore my connection to my higher self. Over the years, I have developed my intuitive gifts and now feel called to help others during these transformative times on Earth. I want to use what I have learned from my degree in psychology, certifications in various alternative forms of healing, and the spiritual awareness I have cultivated to help people remember who they truly are and live more in alignment with that version of themselves. 


"Testimonials From Clients"


"My reiki session with Kristin was profound. She was able to tap into blocked energy within my body and literally pull it out! The surge of energy and feeling of well being afterward cannot be explained, only experienced. I highly recommend Kristin for energy healing & release!"


"Kristin is a truly gifted healer! Her energy is strong and I felt connected, despite the distance over an online platform. Following the session, I felt rejuvenated, cleansed, and balanced. In the days following, I felt a tremendous shift in multiple areas of my life. I am forever grateful that our paths continue to cross and I can't wait for another session!"


"Everything Kristin said during our tarot session resonated so deeply, it even brought me to tears at one point. She was able to give me a perspective on my life and an outside clarity that was really needed. On top of her intuitive gifts, Kristin is a warm and positive person. Love her, and love her work!"